GDI Vista, Nvidia with OpenGL

Looking at Nvidia’s newest driver for Vista 32bit, they state that

Mixed GDI and OpenGL rendering does not work.
A number of applications use GDI to render UI components and object
highlighting. This is not supported in the Windows Vista driver model.
NVIDIA recommends converting GDI rendering to OpenGL

So clear this up for me, if I want to use Win32 and OpenGL to make a mapeditor in a window and use the icons and menu bar and other widgets to have UI controls and allow OpenGL to render to a window in that app this will not work? If not than what is everyone here going to do or use to make map editors, utilities that use OpenGL? Thanks

I guess it means that you can’t render to the same window with OpenGL and GDI. Using other windows should be fine. So you can use menus, as the matter of fact many OpenGL apps work just fine on Vista (like Shader Designer)

In every OpenGL app I’ve ever written, except my first windows app a long time ago, I don’t recall ever trying to draw with GDI inside the same child window that I was rendering to with OpenGL.

To answer your specific scenario the menu bar, icons, and other UI stuff are all child windows of your app just like the OpenGL windows is its own child window of your app. The way I read it the only thing not supported is rendering OpenGL and GDI or GDI+ to the same window handle or DC, not the same app. Mars, you already know that, so what am I missing about your question?

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