gDEBugger Adds Linux support & Textures/Buffers...

gDEBugger V4.0 Adds Linux support and introduces a new Textures and Buffers Viewer

This new major version adds Linux 32 bit and Linux 64 bit support. This version introduces a new Textures and Buffers viewer and many performance and usability improvements.


This new version can be downloaded from:

A 30-day trial version is available for all users. If you have previously downloaded a trial version of gDEBugger and the trial period has ended or is shorter than 7 days, you will automatically be given an additional 7 days to test the new features.
gDEBugger customers who are within their maintenance license period are entitled to a free upgrade to this version using their present license file.

What’s New in Version 4.0:


  • Linux 32 bit and Linux 64 bit are now supported.
  • New Textures and Buffers Viewer. This Viewer allows you to view all render contexts textures, static buffers and pbuffers objects as images or raw data.
    – Support 1D, 2D, 3D, Cube-map and Rectangle textures.
    – Support static buffers (Front, Back, Depth, Stencil, Auxiliaries).
    – Support pbuffers (Back, Depth, Stencil, Auxiliaries).
    – All standard OpenGL texture and buffer formats and internal formats are supported.
    – View textures raw-data in dedicated data view in its original format or as normalized [0,255] value.
    – Enables saving texture / buffer’s image to disk.
    – Enables saving texture / buffer’s raw data to disk (as .csv file).
    – Enables viewing none RGB data formats (float, depth, integer, luminance, etc) as an image using a dedicated data translate slider.
    – Enables manipulating the textures data (zoom, rotate, enable/disable color channels, invert colors, grayscale mode, etc).
    – For more details, visit:
  • Float texture formats are now fully supported.
  • pbuffers (pixel buffers) are now fully supported.
  • Windows Vista™ SP1 is now supported.
  • NVIDIA’s PerfKit 5.1 is now supported.
  • The Performance Counters dialog now enables adding any Windows XP or Windows Vista performance counter (Right click -> Add other OS counters).
  • The Performance Counters dialog now supports any render contexts amounts.
  • Multi core operating systems performance counters are now supported (including Quad core computers).
  • New detected error was introduced; this detected error detects the use of non-hardware accelerated render contexts.
  • Edit Environment Variables Dialog (Debug -> Debug Settings).
  • Additional Source Directories Dialog (Tools -> Options -> Call stack).
  • File -> Recent Projects menu item. This menu item displays the last 5 used projects.
  • Floating-point parameters default display precision is now 8 significant digits.
  • Floating-point parameters display precision can be now configured (Tools -> Options -> Advanced).
  • File -> Export menu. This menu group item contains all data export-related functionality.
  • The Function Calls Statistics view’s data can be exported to a .csv file (File -> Export -> Function Calls Statistics).
  • New OpenGL Extensions support:
  • GL_ARB_multisample – see
  • GL_EXT_blend_minmax – see
  • GLX_SGI_video_sync - see
  • GLX_SGIX_fbconfig – see
  • GL_GREMEDY_frame_terminator – this extension defines a mechanism that enables marking the end of render frames within the OpenGL stream. gDEBugger can use this extension for frame per second measurements, statistics analysis, marking and clearing stream loggers logs, performance counters sampling and more. See
  • The State Variables Comparison Viewer now enables comparing the current state variables values to the default render context values. This mode was set as the default mode.
  • Breakpoints dialog:
  • Add text Filter. This filter enables filtering the breakpoints list.
  • Add enable/disable breakpoint check-boxes.
  • Add enable/disable all breakpoints.
  • Removed: Ignore All Breakpoints option.
  • Maintenance expiration reminder dialog – this dialog will notify the user when the maintenance package is about to expire.
  • A text filter was added to the State Variables dialog. This filter enables filtering the state variables list.


  • Textures data is now updated only when needed. This dramatically improves the debugging performance of applications that updates textures data repeatedly.
  • “Workspace” terminology was changed to “Project”.
  • Startup Dialog was rewritten.
  • The GUI docking system was rewritten. All views can now be docked and undocked.
  • The Performance Counters dialog now supports any number of render contexts.
  • glClear, glXMakeCurrent, glXMakeContextCurrent and glFrameTerminatorGREMEDY were added as frame terminators.
  • glClear now displays its arguments as an OpenGL enumerators list instead of a single hexadecimal value.
  • F10 and Shift F10 (Step, Draw Step shortcuts) were replaced by F11 and Shift F11 (this was done to prevent the File menu pop up on GNOME desktop).
  • The default GUI layouts were added to the Manage GUI Layouts dialog.
  • File related dialogs default directory is now the current directory.

Fixed bugs:

  • Floating views and panes sometimes didn’t catch key strokes.
  • gDEBugger got stuck when using Windows Vista and NVIDIA GeForce8800.
  • The Teapot example sometimes didn’t use a pixel format that has depth buffer.
  • The Function Calls Statistics view showed its content also after it was closed.
  • Copy (Ctrl+C) is now working in the Calls History view.
  • Calls History view and Functions Calls Statistics Lists: columns are now adjusted correctly.
  • CPU performance counters graphs sometimes displayed NaN.
  • Right-click Context Menu now works in all views.
  • Copy and Select All didn’t work well in all views.
  • When calling glTexImage1D, glTexImage2D, glTexImage3D and glTexImage3DEXT, the texture’s internal format was displayed as Hex-number and not as an OpenGL enumerator.
  • Texture images, created by glTexImage2D, were sometimes not stored and displayed.
  • When deleting GLSL shaders, gDEBugger sometimes reported a detected error.
  • GL_CURRENT_PROGRAM was displayed as GLint instead of GLuint.
  • GL_COLOR_WRITEMASK is now displayed as a vector of GLboolean items.
  • When needed, toolbars are now aligned using two rows.
  • glFogCoordfEXT calls were not logged.
  • The internalFormat parameter in glTexImage1D, glTexImage2D, glTexImage3D & glTexImage3DEXT was displayed as Hex-number and not as an OpenGL enumerator.
  • When no frame terminator is defined, loggers are cleared automatically and the user is being notified.
  • glActiveTexture sometimes reported an unsupported texture unit error.
  • The Function Calls Statistics view sometimes reappeared after it was closed.
  • gDEBugger OpenGL Server crashed when the debugged application used textures that their row size in bytes is not divided by 4.
  • vec2 was not highlighted in the shaders source code editor.
  • gDEBugger got stuck when NVIDIA GLExpert generated thousands of error reports a second.
  • Numerous stability and performance improvements.

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