Game engine

I want to develop a small game engine as my CSC 327 project. Now i want to have a clear view of what a game engine should have and it’s architechture. Can you please help me where to find this kind of information?


My favourite answer to this question: the Quake 2 sources are open source. Get them from Id and study!

The question of what kind of features your game engine “needs” depends very much on what features you want in your game. For example, an outdoors terrain buggy racing game (heightfield terrain, clouds, directional light with shadows, 4-wheeled physics) is rather different from an indoor first-person shooter (portal/BSP geometry, swept sphere physics, lots of eye candy weaponry). and are places where you can find more game programming info.

Um…you MAY want to scale it down just a bit man. Maybe just a graphics engine? A real engine takes a REALLLLLY long time. I mean u knwo how it goes…a REALLY good game takes like 2-3 or so years to make but the engine…that takes a LOT longer…atleast around 5. And that’s with lots of programmers working around the clock.

Just my two cents…i mean no offense by it

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You can make a SMALL engine as a single semester project, assuming you live in the computer halls (or in your dorm, if you’re the anti-social type :slight_smile:

He did say “SMALL”. The trick is to then KEEP it “small”.

Ya a SMALL and fairly SIMPLE engine should be possible in a semester. Some quake .map file loading code is easy and shouldn’t take longer than…oh 2 weeks tops. A simple camera system can be done in less than an hour. OpenAL can be added in easily and quickly, etc. Plus with all the open source stuff on the net, it’s really a matter of copy and paste with a few tweaks to get it working nicely together. Just don’t expect Doom 3 in a few short months.