Game Engine

Dear friends,

I would like to develop a game engine. I would like to develop both the 2d and 3d part of the engine by implementing the algorithms on my own.
What portion of the code should be implemented in the driver level. What all functions are available in the opengl driver

Awaiting reply.
Also please point to suitable web resources or books

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Its a pretty daunting task I hope you have a year or two to learn properly if you have no experience.

Get your hands on the red book for a start.
Check out here,, nehe .
And for christ sake do yourself a favour and get a good C++ book preferably dealing with games.


I would pick up a copy of prima’s opengl game programming. It is very simple and straight to the point but walks you through all the steps you need to make an ultra-basic, but decent game engine. Also you might check out Neon Helium’s openGL tutorials as mentioned above(NeHe)… I learned a lot from there. Also if you are looking for a reasonably easier start, you might try using some thing with a pre-made infrastructure such as G3d do a search for these you’ll find 'em. Good luck!

I am building one. i have started working on it for about 4 -5 months. If you are interested email me
I am using Opengl, Windows 32, Visual C++ 6.0 to build my engine.