funky lines on my objects

I’m having a wierd problem with a scene for school, I keep getting these lines that go across all my objects, also when I flyaround the lines turn to different angles.

Any Ideas please send me an e-mail.

Hard to say without more description. A screenshot showing the problem would be most helpful for us to help you troubleshoot.

You have mostlikley polygon smooth enabled without setting the propper blending mode.

Either disable polygon smoothing or set the proper blending mode (its all in the redbook).

Since you have internet access and can visit this forum anytime, why should I send you an email?

Its a forum you know :?)

sounds a lot like what i’m getting.

i read the redbook on polygon antialiasing and it didn’t help a bit. maybe i’m stupid; idk.

i’m trying to draw several outlined polygons enclosing a volume (eg. a box), outlined at the edges. i use:

glPolygonMode(GL_FRONT, GL_FILL);
glPolygonMode(GL_FRONT, GL_FILL);
glPolygonMode(GL_BACK, GL_LINE);
glPolygonMode(GL_FRONT, GL_LINE);

the different kinds of things i get are as follows:

  1. if i get too far away from the object, the outlines which should not be visible (in the back of it) are. with and without polygon offset.
  2. if i try:

then the polygons will have lines appearing accross them (as if opengl is proudly showing how it sub-divided them into triangles).

  1. i have also done something somehow so that a polygon’s edge appears as a triangular saw, and the lil triangles get smaller and smaller (approaching a line) as i get closer to the polygon in question. outlining the polygon seems to have fixed that.

i am using winxp/msc++6/ati radeon7200 with the latest drivers i belive. i have been dealing with these issues for about 4 months now. all i want is outlined smooth polygons. too much to ask for? any ideas how i could do it?