Function interposition of opengl functions

I would like to be able to able to store mesh data of an arbitrary opengl application as it runs. I found out about function interposition, and tried it for various opengl functions, just printing a message and then calling the real function.
It worked for several, including glGenTextures, glVertexPointer, glutSwapBuffers, however I cant get my replacements for glBufferData or glGenBuffers to run.
I would like to know if there is anything special about these functions, or if there is some other way to retrieve mesh data in running applications, such as that stored in vertex buffer objects


Code please.

sounds to me like you are planning to extract model data from a game or something similar.
i do not think that the producer of that game would like you to do that, and therefore i do not
think we should give you support for getting illegal access to someone else’s intellectual property.

model is just data. have you loaded the GL extensions using glew?

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