Fully function opengl on pocketpc

Hallo All,

I am working on porting Blender for pocketpc.
I worked with Vincent, Klimt and an other project that Daniel nicelly provided me. And it makes me go further on my work.

I first writte, for all missing opengl functionsused by Blender… dummy functions to link Blender with these opengl ES library…
Now, Blender runs on my pocketpc but I have to find a solution for all these missing fucntions :=(

I thought about two approaches:

  1. Port Mesa for pocketpc and use fixed point in the same way as Klimt did. So I will have all opengl fucntions but it will not use all this fantastic work (vincent or klimt)… And I am really not sure it will work :=(
  2. Implement on top of opengl ES all missing functions… Daniel does it for begin/end for example. But with my knowledge of opengl, it will be a big adventure!

What do you think about that? What should I begin with? For example if I want to implement glbitmap…

I am conscious that it is a very general question without easy answer… but a way to begin will be helpfull :=)

Thanks a lot for your help and advises,


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