Fullscreen Setup: SuperBible vs. OpenGL Game Progrmmer Books

There seems to be a difference in opinion between these two good books and its not obvious what is the correct thing to do based on Microsoft’s specs.

The first issue is whether on not to use CS_OWNDC for the window class style. The OpenGl Game Programmer book does not use it, but the OpenGl SuperBible does.

Also, the Game Programmer book only uses WS_POPUP but in the SuperBible book it states // OpenGL requires WS_CLIP_CHILDREN and WS_CLIP_SIBLINGS.

To be on the safe side all the above are being used, but the term CLIP sounds like something that could slow things down. Please note that the application’s window is always fullscreen on a single display.

It may be that most hardware renderers are more lenient that Microsoft’s software renderer.

If the generic (software) rendering is not being used and just the ICD are used, then how do the above settings impact that?

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