Fullscreen mode

I can’t seem to find any information on how
to get into fullscreen mode. I assume it would have to be part of the platform-dependant api (GLX), but I can’t find any refrence to it in the Green Book (OpenGL for X Windows). I’m using a Geforce
incase it matters.


Im no x-programmer, but I can say this: If you are using GLUT, there is a function called glutFullScreen(), if not, ignore this message .

There have also been some discusions in other threads about true and false fullscreen. I don’t want to start another (feels like I have been a part of them all). What i mean with true fullscreen is a routine to switch resolution and colordepth to any given value (to a value your device can handle of course), but glutFullScreen() is maximized window on the desktop. False fullscreen because it’s dependent of the current desktopsettings.

Bah, I’m just talking and maybe I didn’t even answer yer question

From the sounds of it I’m looking for true fullscreen. I’d like to be able to switch resolutions and use the entire display in a non-windowed fashon.

I think this may be more complex than I had thought. I may have to leave my nice cozy api and learn about video hardware .

Thanks tho Bob!

I’m not sure whether or not you can switch color depths in real-time under X. I don’t think you can. You should be able to change the resolution, though…

Read in another thread a while ago about fullscreen under X. And as far as I understood, it wasn’t that easy. Maybe you should search the forum and see what you get.

I believe a hint
given to the window manager is the magic
involved. Absolutly nothing to do with

Update for the frustrated of the future:

The library XF86VidMode has the necessary functions… and the Quake1 source has the implimentation .

in gl_vidlinuxglx.c live the VID_Init() and VID_Shutdown() functions… they cover resolution switching, moving the viewport, and warping the mouse.
You’ll probablly want to check out the XGrabPointer() and XGrabKeyboard() functions as well.

And while I’m at it… it took me weeks to find the most sacred of holies:
XAutoRepeatOff( dpy );

… and there was much rejoicing.