Fullscreen mode OS X?

how do i switch to fullscreen mode under MacOS X?
thanks in advance


I would try using QuickTime or DrawSprocket to switch to fullscreen.

In Carbon, just use the AGL function aglSetFullscreen(). In Cocoa, try the NSOpenGLContext class.

What about GLUT full screen for cross-platform projects? Is that supported on OS X? I’ve always had problems getting that to work…

On OS X developer CD, look under GLUTExamples (installed in /Developer/Examples/GLUTExamples), specifically the gameGlut example (which is an Asteroids knock-off in 2D). It shows you can use glutEnterGameMode to get into full-screen mode. Here’s some code I use:

	glutGameModeString( "640x480:16@60" );
	originalWindow = glutCreateWindow( "Kelch" );

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