fullscreen/control panel/subwindow/help?

I would really appreciate any solutions you may have to my problem. Here’s the background:
For my game I’ve made a control panel using subwindows because I wanted to include a small display of what the opponent is doing and I couldn’t think of any other way (the game is networked and basically there are 2 first person views, one large main one for me and one small display in the corner showing what my enemy sees).

But glut doesn’t allow subwindows in full screen mode and I’d really like to have both of these features (full screen is necessary because the intro is an avi, which is played first and I think it would be bad if the avi is full screen and the game has a big blue title bar at the top). Please help…I really appreciate this…

One way to do it is draw your view over the whole screen, then if you want to draw the opponent view call glViewport to define the size of the small view window you want. Now draw the opponent view. This way you get the window effect.

Remember that the apect ratio of the View port should be the same as the aspect ration of the view volume (i.e. gluPerspective(fovy, aspect, near, far))

Just one way to do it.