Full screen without GLUT Libraries under Win32

How to force my demo run with full-screen without any external libraries ? Please help !

Read up on the Win32 API functions EnumDisplaySettings and ChangeDisplaySettings. Those are what you need to be able to do this without any other libs.

Thx, but I’ve got BC 4.52 and in my Windows API help list there aren’t such commands as
ChangeDisplaySettings and EnumDisplay Settings. (I hate MSVC++ 6.0).

I use the cygwin GCC compiler and OpenGL functions are perfectly implemented.
It’s downloadable for FREE USE at http://sources.redhat.com/cygwin/

MSVC, BC or whatever, you should be able to use these API functions, they are not from MFC or some kinda wierd lib ; they’re definitely from the Windows API (user32.(lib|dll)).

Perhaps you should get a more recent API doc … or try consulting MSDN !

Doing fullscreen is fairly easy, assuming you already know how to create an OpenGL window.

If you want your window to be fullscreen, you need to have WS_POPUP as part of the window style. This removes the title bar and borders from your window.

You also should probably use ChangeDisplaySettings() to switch to the appropriate video resolution.

Thx to all. I worked.