Full-Screen Mode + MFC + Vodoo3

First of all I’d like to tell ya people that I’m new to Opengl Programming n’ don’t know a lot about it. So I’ll be needing a lot of help.
The problem is that whenever I use texture(s), my program runs “REALLY” slow. I have a Vodoo-3. I was told by someone (an OpenGL programmer) that Vodoo-3 doen’t support OpenGL in window mode. So I went for the “FULL SCREEN” mode. I have sucessfully created a fullscreen using the WS_POPUP style but still the problem exists. .
Whether this has got something to do with Vodoo-3 or my approach of creating a “FULL-SCREEN” mode… I don’t know?. So I really need some help.


I’m not sure specifically about your problem, but I’m pretty sure the Voodoo 3 supports windowed modes. The Voodoo1/Voodoo2 didn’t, but everything after them did, I think. (I’m not certain about this, though. I switched from the Voodoo Banshee to a GeForce when I saw how ****ty the OpenGL support was for 3dfx cards.)

Voodoo 3 has several limitations like that the texture size can not be greater than 256 and the color depth has to be 16 bits. If you break any rule do I guess that you only get software OpenGL.

Well… actually I’ve tried to different textures. The texture I’m currently using is “32x32” 16-bit. The other one that I used was “128x128” 256 color. But in both of the cases my program was slow. However, I haven’t yet tried the “mipmaps” since I don’t know too much about them and also don’t know if it would be of any help. I also want to know if the “glSetup (ICD)” progmram will be of any help or not.

And lastly… Do any of you seriously suggest that I switch to any other 3D card?.. If yes then which card do you think will be a good choice (keeping in mind both price and performence).

Why not a new GeForce3 ?
No, your card should be good enough for learning OpenGL with or at least most of it. If your programs runs “REALLY” slow is it probably because you do get hardware support. Did you check the color depth of the desktop?

Another reason could be how you manage the textures. Try some other programmers code like NeHe tutorial 6 and study the code.