Full screen in 800*600

I use the instruction “glutFullScreen” to toggle in Full Screen mode, but this function hasn’t the parameter “resolution”, so when the instruction is done, the resolution of the FullScreen is the “active” resolution.
I want the video game I programm to be run in 800*600 on every machine. How can I do?
I programm with VC++.


Try this, instead of glutFullscreen():


Edit: if you want to define the bit color, for instance 32 bits, do the following:


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It works…thx, you’re a God

BTW, I have problems returning from fullscreen mode. When I swith to it I can call glutPostRedisplay();, but after glutLeaveGameMode(); I can’t. I get referenced at xxxxxxx error.
And why I must rebuild all the lists when I change display mode?

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When you change display settings, you must also destroy and recreate the rendering context.