full screen and icon

Hi, i was looking in my book and i cant find out how is it that i make my program run in full screen. Any ideas?
Theres another thing i cant do, i want to make an icon to my exe, ive created and added the icon to my project on Visual C/c++ 6.0 but when i build the exe it does not get the icon! am i missing some option?
thanks people

To run in fullscreen there are many options, the “hardcore way” it’ to change screen settings calling win API (see NeHe.gamedev.net for some sample code).

The other problem isn’t that related to OGL, but anyway, the following is my personal solution:

wc.hInstance = GetModuleHandle(NULL);
wc.hIcon = LoadIcon(wc.hInstance, MAKEINTRESOURCE(101));

where wc is the window class and 101 is the resource number of the icon.

hope this helps…