from Java to OpenGL (with C++)

Hi everybody

I am totally clueless on OpenGL so please excuse any “idiocy” in my question. The thing is that I want to enhance my old Java applets, by using C++ and OpenGL.

Is there any easy way to do that, something like a wrapper class? Maybe GLUT perhaps?

Please note that I am ambandoning Java completely, so GL4Java is out of the question.

Thank you all.

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In case this wasn’t clear (and the typos didn’t help) I don’t mean to mix Java with C++. I want to use OpenGL only with C++.

Sorry about the mess and thanks for reading this.

OpenGL will work with all kinds of programming languages.

Check out and . There are other sites with tutorials also. Search the discussion group for keywords tutorial win32, mfc, C++, and/or windows. You will find all kinds of stuff. You could also search the web. Also, check out FAQs section on home page of this site and documentation section also for useful information about OpenGL.

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Hi !

GLUT and SDL take care of all the OS specific stuff, so you can create more platform independent stuff, but it all depends on the application you want to make.

If you want dialogboxes and other GUI stuff then you might be better of using win32/fltk/FOX or some other GUI toolkit.

But from an OpenGL point of view they all work the same.

For games and other “simple” applications SDL or GLUT might be a good choice, if you are doing some kind of 3D modeler or CAD application that needs menus, toolbars and stuff you might be better of with something else, even though you can use popup menus with GLUT and both GLUT and SDL can be twaked to show dialogboxes and stuff, it just require some more work.

You can also look at GLUI for example, this adds GUI components (checkboxes, buttons and so on) to GLUT.

There are also other alternatives.

I hope that helps a bit.