From 3DS to OpenGL c++ source code

I coded a program wich can import a 3DS file and export a c++ OpenGL source file.
it supports flat shading, smooth shading, normal smoothing angle, 3DS color material, diffuse texture and TRIANGLE STRIP OPTIMIZATION. I think this program is better than the one i used before 3DWinOGL, it’s faster, uses less memory and does somthing more.
It’s almost finished, and I want to make it public.
Is there someone interested in???
I’d like to know I didn’t worked for nothing!
please anwer this message if you’d like to have this program.

I am
Cause I’m in the process of writing something similar…
If the source code is provided it’ll be awesome

Sign me up as well.

Of course, that is quite interesting. For me the most useful feature is mesh optimisation.
Let me know when you post a demo.

There is a cool tool that imports many 3D formats (3DS,LW,Maya) and allows direct export to C++ code generation a display list.

3D Explorer :

I also would like to have this application, and if the source code is provided, it will be apreciated.
Best regards

ME! ME! drool… (a-hem!)
Aaanyway, I’d be interested

clucches >> could you help me to debug my own loader of 3DS files? If you accept, please contact me: . Thanks.

Please send me the source code of your loader too, it will be helpful for me. Thanks.

Originally posted by paddy:
There is a cool tool that imports many 3D formats (3DS,LW,Maya) and allows direct export to C++ code generation a display list.
3D Explorer :

Paddy I have a registered copy of 3D Exploration and I can find no method of exporting to C++ source code in it. Could you help me out here? How do you do such an export?

Paddy skip that last message, I found it. Thanks…

When you’ve posted the demo or whatever, drop me a mail! Cheers,


I’m glad of all this interest in my program…

I’m fighting vs. little probllem with loading textures, I think I’ll win this friday.

Thanks to everybody.
se you soon!

I’ll try to help you, and I’ll try to help anyone needs me.

thank again

I did this last year. It is a bizarre format which is a bugger to write a reader for. I got code bits from this site and They have posted on there site a complete VC++ project with src to read and write 3ds. If its mesh optimization your after there is a site at the University of Calgary in Canada which has a good implementation ( i.e. easy to follow) of hoppe’s thesis on triangle mesh collapse, its called bunnylod.


oh yes please, i also looking for a 3ds loader/importer ! when it is done please drop me a line, and if you need a ‘beta tester’, i will !!!


also sign me up.

I think it’s a good idea !!!

sounds good…i’d like a copy also. thx.


sign me up

There’s a 3DS loading library somewhere on . Look for 3dslib or lib3ds or something like that…