From 3DS to opengl (again)

Now my program is a dll!!!
You just need to load the dll and call a function like this:

gl_list = Load3DSFile ( “somefile.3ds” );

and use glCallList(gl_list) to draw the whole file.

Look at


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Nice one!!!

Get it onto if you want a lot of uptake. As you’ve seen from your posts here; it is a very useful utility


Just a few requests…

  1. any chance you could add a little more documentation, because I’m not too clear on how to use it?

  2. any chance you could output to vertex arrays?

  3. any chance it could come in .lib form?

  4. any chance that you could open source it? (I am interested in how you did it)

I realize I am sort of looking the gift horse in the mouth :slight_smile: but I thought I might as well ask. But above all, thanks for the work you put into the .dll and program, I’m already planning on using it in my current project.