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Sorry if this is not the right place.

I am totally new to OpenGl and it has been a long time since my programming courses.

Where can i find the information to get started? What compiler should i use? I tried to start with VC++ 2005 express but i got crazy. I want the easiest way to get started.

Can anybody give me a help?

Hopefully I make it through this stage so I can start asking questions ABOUT OpenGl! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

This is a good page for OpenGl beginners.

Thanks, but i doenst tell me what to do. I dont know what to install or anything to be able to get started.

You might want to have a gander at the wiki. There you’ll find examples pertaining to OpenGL configuration and operation on several of the most common platforms.

In addition, a search on this board (or google) should prove fruitful (this question has been repeated ad nauseum). Look for “opengl context creation under X”, where X is the OS of choice.

Hope it helps.

Lok for Nehe sites

Nehe sites give me infor for a very old version of visual basic…it has nothing to do :S

thanks caveman, but i didnt find anything like what you mention in the wiki. Specially for windows.

I mean, what do i need to write and execute my first lines? I dont know it, and everywhere it seems as i should alredy know!

Thank you all for you time!

I didn’t quite understand if that is what you mean… So you would like to use visual basic with OpenGL?

I dont know what program i want to use.

I want the easyest way to start playing with OpenGl and explore its functions. I did object-oriented programming a long time ago, but if it is necesary I expect to to be able to learn fast.

So, the easier the better. If it is non object oriented i will have less trouble though.

Checking the wiki all i find are libraries that ar 8 years old, but not what i need to create my first program.

Well, if you can program, then use a compiler of your choice. I started with Pascal (it tends to be easier, because you don’t have to fight with linking and bad headers), but C++ is still very popular. Just install a compiler (like MinGW). OpenGL libraries ARE 8 years old and you DO need them to create your programs. Look into Nehe tutorials, as I told you, this is a nice and good introduction to OpenGL.

While we’re at it, I just noticed there really is no info on how to get started with coding in the wiki. Perhaps we should at least put a link to NeHe somewhere…

Done. If you want to add more, go ahead.
I now it’s not a detailed tutorial but I don’t have time to go into minor details.

Ok, thanks for the help. I will probably be asking more soon :stuck_out_tongue:

So, is the development of OpenGl dead?

Originally posted by Cyrock:
So, is the development of OpenGl dead?
:slight_smile: OpenGL is the major 2D/3D graphics API supported on every platforms (Windows, Mac, Unix/Linux …). And, it keeps adding new features through OpenGL extensions. So, don’t worry. It won’t die easily. :slight_smile:

And, most programming languages support OpenGL. You name it; you can program OpenGL with C/C++, Java, C#, VisualBasic, Python, Tcl/Tk, Ruby, Lua, Fortran, etc. So, pick a language first that you are familiar with. Then post a specific question here, for example, how to start OpenGL programming with C++. Many people love to help you.

Thank you all for your support.

I downloaded DevC++ and after some struggles i managed to start running the codes on the neHe tutorials.

I can create shapes, color them, rotate them…and I discovered myself how to move them around, im kinda proud of it, lol.

One more question, i tried to understand the first lesson on window creating and all that but I died trying. I skipped the second half. How bas is this?

You will understand that some day :slight_smile: It all needs time, especially if you are rather new to programming