Free VC++ Compiler??

Does anyone know of a free compiler that will compile VC++ 6.0 projects/Workspaces??

Inprise (former Borland) has a free compiler and they claim that it can compile VC++ source and projects. I’m speaking about BC++ 4.5 (I don’t know what version they released lately!)

Go there and check.


Quite a few books come with CDs that have the Microsoft VC++ 6.0 compiler so its not exactly free but you get a book in the bargain.
Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus (SAMS) is one. Check out your local bookstore.

hay thanks guys I did a search on borland and sure enough i found a free C++ compiler that works with MSVC++ workspaces!!!
Ya Glenn your right I got my MSVC++ introductory version from a VC++ starter kit i think it was about $60 Canadian but the problem with that version is that you can distribute your EXE’s that you make and it appends a warning to your exe when you compile it

Here are a few suggestions.
Find a used copy off the net.
Find someone who works for Microsoft,
I have a friend who works for MS, they get any software title for about 10% of the cost.
When I got MSVC++ 4.0 some time back, he got me the full version for about $40.00