free cross-platform fonts

Does anyone know where can I find free cross-platform fonts that look the same on PC and on MacOS?

Please send a link or any reference.

I’d say it doesn’t depend on the fonts you use but rather on the platform-independent font library, e.g.


Why should I need such library? A font doesn’t have to look the same in different platforms? If not, why?

Why should I need such library?

As it says in the features list of freetype:
To have a simple and easy-to-use API to access font content in a uniform way, independently of the file format. I thought that’s what you wanted to do. You can use the same font file on different platforms and e.g. create OpenGL textures out of them and then use them in your OpenGL apps.

A font doesn’t have to look the same in different platforms?

Well, that’s what you said you wanted in your initial post. Of course fonts don’t have to look the same on different platforms. You can just use the system fonts on the particular platform and be happy with them.
Maybe I just don’t understand what you want to achieve.

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I just want to make sure I’m doing the right thing before I do it.
I just wonder what happens if I render the system font using wglUseFontBitmaps(…) and it’s corresponding on the Mac, if then it’s looks the same or I have to use the freetype lib. It’s important for me to know the cause of fonts being different in different platform.

The library you use doesn’t make any difference. It’s the font that counts. Arial looks the same on Mac and Wintel.

What a cross platform lib WILL give you is the ability to swap file formats with less hassle. You can use arial.ttf on wintel, mac, linux etc which might not be the case otherwise.