Fragment Shaders?

I was reading the definition for nVidia’s NV_vertex_program extension, and in it I found a reference to a “NV_fragment_shader” extension. Is this the same as the NV_register_combiners extension, or is it a per pixel equivalent to the NV_vertex_program extension? Any ideas/comments? I looked in the extension registry, and this particular extension is not in there.

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I’ve heard, forgot where, that it’s something nvidia is still working on.

I wonder if the newly leaked drivers have the new extensions in them…

Nope, its not in the newest leaked drivers (6.31).

Its possible that it could be an enhanced register combiner set, though I would think they would not have made a completely different named extension out of it. I would also suspect it would use the concept of “programs” so that you can more easily reconfigure it at run time with a single call, and it would probably also have a performance advantage.

Just went and redownloaded the document to try and re-read the context in which NV_fragment_shader was mentioned, to see if maybe I could pull something out of the wording. Strangely enough, I cant seem to find any reference in the document to NV_fragment_shader. It looks like it has been removed from the document (and the document was edited several days after it was posted). Did we all just make this extension up? Also strange is that I now noticed a reference to NV_texture_shader. While its possible I might have missed it, I dont remember seeing this before. Maybe they renamed it. Anyone else know? I’ll have to look when I get home and see if I might have saved a copy of the original version of the pdf.

The reference to “NV_fragment_shader” is not in the spec anymore. However, LordKronos is right, there is a “NV_texture_shader” mentioned. Coincidentaly, it happens to be in the same place that NV_fragment_shader was originally mentioned (page 5 of the official spec). I think that it would be interesting if this extension did the same thing per-pixel as NV_vertex_program does per vertex. The possibilities for different shading and lighting effects would be incredible with that sort of flexibility.