FPS under W2K sucks

Hi all,

I’m getting terrible FPS for my OGL code under W2K, 30 times slower that on Linux. I’m reading the depth component of the frame buffer and that seems to kill performance on W2K. It’s fine on Linux (~120FPS) but for the same code and model I get ~4FPS under W2K. I’m having this problem under cygwin and VC++. I have GF3 with 64 MB RAM. What’s going on under W2K? I have the latest nVidia drivers installed and I turned off vsync. Do I need to link against special libraries as opposed to the ones that come with VC++ and cygwin?


Update your Geforce driver with the one nvidia has on their site… The one that comes with windows is not optimized.

Do you mean libraries? I have installed the latest nVidia drivers from their site just last week. Do I need to link against nVidia’s libraries and DLL’s?

Just need to link with
Opengl32.lib and perhaps glu32.lib

Check your render string with glGetString(GL_RENDERER); or something. Make sure this is what it should be. If it’s 30 times slower, sounds like you’re falling back to software mode. Perhaps you’re trying to get an unsupported pixel format?

No, I mean the driver for your card…
You dont have to link against their dlls because that was already done when you installed you driver…

Another question… What version of VC++ are you using? .NET? If you are, are you using vectors to store your data? If you are, that is a problem I had and I redid my code with a dynamic array…


I am linking with opengl32.lib, glu32.lib and glut32.lib. What should I expect from the. I’ll check on the string and see. Thanks.

I installed their latest drivers and I’m linking agaings the libraries I mentioned above. I’m using VC++ 6.0 with the latest service pack. My data is in vertex arrays that are dynamically allocated. Could that be a problem (vertex arrays that is)?


Yeah, it sure seems like your not h/w accelerated at all.

Could be the way you requested the pixel format, or some other things. If you want portability, use glut, since then the code is pretty much cross-platform.

Or, goto a site like Nehe’s, and get a tutorial, then gut it, and stick in your rendering code in it, and see what happens.