Force Microsoft drivers

Hi All,
Is there any way to force microsoft generic drivers while rendering?
Because I have latest ATI drivers and there are problems with my program when using microsoft drivers(As complained by my users).
How do I debug?
I am sure I am using opengl v1.1 api’s.

Thanks for going through.

You can simply select one from the list of pixelformats.

Normally the whole list contains the formats exported by the installable client driver (ICD) first followed by a list of Microsoft GDI Generic pixelformats.

Enumerate them yourself with DescribePixelFormat() (ChoosePixelFormat() is too dumb!) and pick one which matches your desired capabilities best AND has dwFlags PFD_GENERIC_FORMAT set.

Not that this implementation is bug free…

You could also just deinstall the ATI driver and run in VGA mode.

Just drop “opengl32.dll” in the executable directory.

You’re asking if you can switch between software and hardware rendering on-the-fly, whenever you want?

I would think you would have to destroy your device and re-created it every single time,
if you wanted to make a switch like that.


  1. Dropping the opengl32.dll in .exe folder dosen’t seem to help.Application still picks up the ATI Drivers.

2.Will try the DescribePixelFormat() function.

  1. un-installing is a cumbersome job.Would stay away from that :frowning:

Thanks for all the help.

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