For Help ! Who Can do me a favor? WinCE Opengl ES

hi everyone. I am developing an application in Windows CE 5.0 on x86 hardware platform. May I use OpenGL ES?
The CPU is Intel Celeron , 852 ICH4, where can i get the necessary lib and header files ?
mail me .
thanks a lot!

I’m in a similar situation. I’m not entirely sure if what I’m doing is correct, but I’ve been playing with the “Vincent Rendering Library”. Pre VS 2005 the emulator builds were x86. I don’t yet know if the binaries are equivalent, but this is where I’m starting from.

If anyone has any alternatives or if my assumptions are incorrect I would gladly hear about it.


The x86 build of the olf library is really mostly a debugging aid for the device version; particularly with regard to performance and precision.
If your device has an OpenGL driver, you can always use Hybrid’s wrapper library
If not, I am about to release the first source drop of the Vincent 2.x library in the first or second week of October, which will support x86. The idea will be to replace the interpreter I am using at this point by an LLVM backend, even though I am still looking for someone to help in this area. Also, just to set expectations, this is going to be an alpha version, which will require testing, tuning, more testing and optimization.

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