Fonts – How to make a uniform appearance on Mac and Windows


I’m working on a project that should have a text on its GUI and some text boxes. This is a cross platform project that has to compile and run on Mac-OS-X and PC for now, Linux/Unix in the future.
It is very important that the GUI and the text on it will have a uniform appearance on Mac and PC.
I made a simple text App that display different fonts using the wgl API for Win and agl API for Mac and I noticed that there is a slightly different in the spaces between the characters, and in some fonts even a slightly different in its design.

The fonts I checked:

O.K.		Space different	slightly different in design	
Arial			Times			Times
Verdana		Courier		Courier

The same fonts have a uniform appearance using Word-office App or Adobe-Photoshop. Do you know about any simple way to make it uniform appearance in a code? Do you have any links, reference or idea how can I make it uniform in both platforms?
I know about Free-Type, but they support as far as I know, only Win and Linux/Unix. Also it’s very big library, and its have many features that I don’t need.

Thanks for any help.

Use FreeType (which does support the Mac); or if you’re using OpenGL for the drawing, you might want to look into FTGL (

That’s really the only way to guarantee your text looks identical on all platforms.

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