Font Size & Type

What/ where do I insert function to change the bitmap text size and type?

Depends on what you are using OS, GLUT, …
The NeHe tutorials on fonts is ported to a lot of platforms so check out the tutorial and code.

Thanks, I forgot about all the differenct sytems on which OpenGL is available. I’m using Windows 98 Borland C++ 5.02 with GLUT. Where are the NeHe tutorials?

NeHe tutorials ( lesson 13 is about bitmap fonts)
bitmap fonts with GLUT
GLUT man pages online

Perhaps is it also best to check that your OpenGL headers and libraries are up to date. You should have OpenGL version 1.1 and glu 1.2 but I think some older Borland compilers has older versions. It is not very hard to update them. Here is a page with instructions

Good luck!