Focus issues with GLwMDrawingArea widget

Hi gang,
I have an interesting problem. I am running on a SOLARIS (Sun) system and am using XMotif and OpenGL for this GUI I am working with (so not Glut )

The problem that I am having is with the GLwMDrawingArea Widget losing it’s focus boder whenever I do a redraw. Now - I still have focus after the redraw (if I do a XmGetFocus call - I return the GLwMDrawingArea widget, plus I still accept keyboard input) - it’s just that the border that tells the user that he has focus that goes around the widget disappears for some reason.

Now I am using doube buffering, and using the command GLwDrawingAreaSwapBuffers(widget) to swap the buffers. My Keyboard Focus policy is set to EXPLISIT - so I can either click on the drawing area, or tab into it to get focus.

Like I said - if I go in and click on the drawing area - I will see the focus boder - it’s only after a redraw that the border disapears.

Any ideas/comments?


you better post this question in the linux forum, the app i am working on also uses motif and not glut and I have also already heard of that widget (although I can’t answer your question). but at least, the program runs fine (openmotif).