FMOD again

I know this is off-topic, but can someone explain to me how to get FMOD to play an mp3 or wav file in my programs?

This is the code I have tried which compiles but doesnt play at all:

	//testing FMOD
	if( ! FSOUND_Init( 44100, 32, 0 ) )
		cout << "init returned false" << endl;
		cout << "init returned true" << endl;
	FMUSIC_MODULE* mod = FMUSIC_LoadSong( "testwav.wav" );		//try testwav.wav or testmp3.mp3
	FMUSIC_PlaySong( mod ); 

PS I only post here cos you guys are helpful and the FMOD forum is useless


I’ve made a little example using FMOD under OpenGL.

I’ve upadted the program.

Now, I use the lastest version of FMOD 3.40