Fly3D engine

The Fly3D engine described in Watt and Policarpo, ‘3D Games Real-time Rendering and Software Technology, Volume 1’, Addison-Wesley, 2001, ISBN 0201-61921-0, appears to be adequate for beginning applications and perhaps for more ambitious projects.

Question - no one seems to be discussing this work, favorably or otherwise. It depends upon OpenGL. Is this product DOA, too new, just being ignored?

Sorry never heard of it

There are many similar higher level software suites to consider for this stuff. This is just another scene graph / engine and OT for OpenGL. Feel free to use it but around here people are interested in different stuff.

The book mentioned is intended to be a textbook for 3D graphics and rendering courses, at the college level. As such, it contains a decent introduction to the math, and develops topics in a pedagogical way, facilitating the learning process. The engine appears to be more than adequate for a lot of graphics work, and the process of creating new ‘plugins’ appears to simplify the creation of new games or other apps.

I also note that a second volume is scheduled for release ‘late this year’, which, at this point, is either damned soon or in imminent danger of becoming a schedule over-run.

I’m not sure what ‘other things’ might be on the minds of forum participants, but 3D applications, information and OpenGL would seem to be pertinent.