Floating-point depth buffer

Does someone know if there exist a way to create an opengl context with a floating-point depth buffer with GLX on linux ?
(such a depth buffer can be created under windows with the WGL_EXT_depth_float extention)

As far as I know the depth buffer uses float values to do its tests. So it seems you don’t need such an extension you’re looking for.

The depth buffer is generally about 16, 24 or 32 bits large. It’s enough to do most of the depth calculations.

Now, I wonder what are the aims of such a wgl extension ?

glxinfo | grep depth
or so will show you about the extensions with matching string.

Hope this helps.

Sorry, sometimes I stay on what I think I know… So I thought this was unnecessary. But looking at your wgl extension makes me realize that I was totally wrong.

So you want non-linear depth buffer. As far as I know only NV cards provide such an extension with the GLX_NV_float_buffer or GL_NV_float_buffer.
Have a look at the extension registry (oss.sgi.com) for more information.

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