floating point buffers

I’ve been reading the NV and ATI floating point extensions, and I really can’t believe that you have to use NV_fp with a float buffer. No way to have float buffers with NVIDIA cards with ARB_fp?

Edit: new question: How to setup a float pbuffer that will be used as float texture on ATI cards? the NV_float_buffer defines enums like WGL_TEXTURE_FLOAT_R_NV WGL_TEXTURE_FLOAT_RG_NV WGL_TEXTURE_FLOAT_RGB_NV WGL_TEXTURE_FLOAT_RGBA_NV, but I couldn’t find the equivalent things in ATI specs… the whole ATI_pixel_format_float spec seems pretty incomplete


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You can use ARB_fragment_program with NV_float_buffer, the requirement is that you must be using some fragment program when writing to the pbuffer.