[FIXED] Validation layers for functions that use device

Hello. I am learning Vulkan API. I have created some basic pipeline, but it crashes on vkCreateGraphicsPipelines.
I injected DebugMessenger in my app (with layer ‘VK_LAYER_LUNARG_standard_validation’), but it shows me only messages where Vulkan instance is used, what i need is to somehow to debug ‘vkCreateGraphicsPipelines’ to know where i did the error.
Hope you can help me. Tell me if you need a piece of code.

FIX: on 32-bit Windows app:

  1. The problem was that Vulkan loader didnt recognize layer extensions
  2. Change ‘VK_LAYER_LUNARG_standard_validation’ to ‘VK_LAYER_KHRONOS_validation’ in your requested instance layer names
  3. Goto → Vulkan SDK path on your hard drive → Bin32 → find ‘VkLayer_khronos_validation.json’ and copy path of this file
  4. Goto registry editor → HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → SOFTWARE → WOW6432Node → Khronos → Vulkan → ExplicitLayers → Add new DWORD parameter with name of your copied path and value of zero
  5. Now your validation should work.
  6. Enjoy!


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