Okay I’ve got a nice underwater scene and it seems to be missing something, ah yes, fish. Anyone got any tips on how to render them and what is the best method, i don’t have access to 3D Studio Max, just an art package and openGL??

Also if some one could help with the controlling of them this would be a great help, i really enjoyed the fish in the nVidia tech demo of ‘Creature’ this would be ideal if i could get this kind of thing working.


Use real photographs of fish. That is to say the side profiles. If you’re
talking about fishtank fish,you can just slap the texture on both sides of
the fish, because they are so thin. You’re never really going to be looking
at the fish head on anyway.

Sorry, haven’t seen the tech demo, I’m just saying what I’ve seen in
numerous fish tank screensavers.

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I ideally need more of a 3D approach as the camera is fully mobile.

I did think of that and have implemented it to get the basics working, i was wondering if there was a good way of doing this other than texture mapping quads and ending up with something that looks very box like.


That creature demo is amazing! :slight_smile:
But that model is quite complex. I don’t think you could make something like that without a modeler, let’s say 3DMAX, for example.
Anyways, a good use of textures can lead you to pretty good fish without using too many triangles.