First steps tu use OpenGL ES


I am a complete novice in OpenGL ES. OpenGL I know myself a little bit.
I use Windows7. I installed Microsoft Visual Sudio 2005 and the ARM emulator.
The examples on the Internet are categorized by Android, iPhone, etc.

  1. Can I use only the examples for Windows, or all?
    Unfortunately, the Windows examples that I’ve found, do not run on my PC. In one example, it is enough to call the command ‘run’ in Microsoft Visual Sudio 2005. In another Microsoft Visual Sudio 2005 Command Prompt is needed.
  2. What is the difference?
  3. Which project in Microsoft Visual Sudio 2005 is necessary?
  4. Can someone give me a brief introduction? Neither the network nor in books I can find something to the very first steps to work with OpenGL ES.

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I highly recommend that OpenGL ES beginners start with a quality integrated SDK that includes tutorials and an emulator for Windows. My favorite is the PowerVR SDK which includes everything you need, except for MSVC and OpenGL drivers for your Nvidia or AMD card. This SDK works great on Windows with MSVC and gives you portability to Linux or OSX. Download the “PC Emulation” version at:

Good Luck, Clay

thank you for this link.

merry christmas, Kabaj

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