First steps in Stereoscopic on NV GF 5600xt

I instal driver for 3D Stereoscopic on my GF 5600xt and testing program works great with anaglyph glasses. I want to add option to see stereoscopic in my aplication but glGetBooleanv( GL_STEREO, &b ); return false :frowning: So probably my card do not support stereo buffers.
So my first question (maybe rather for some overclocing forum ) is possible to tweak it some way, just to see if my aplication works?
And second make sure if I good understand how to create stereoscopic aplication with OGL.
So make stereo PF by add PFD_STEREO in PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR and than take care to render correct geometry for left and right buffer and make my own swap buffer for doublebuffering. Then in stereo driver (for example from NVidia) user set what kind of display have and it take care to color left buffer to red an so on… or when someone have special harware driver distribute left and right buffer correct for various tipes of monitors and glasses?

Stereoscopic pixelformats offering quadbuffered stereo with left and right color buffers are not supported on GeForce, but Quadros, that’s why your glGetBooleanv(GL_STEREO) returns false.
If you call DescribePixelFormat() on the one you selected, you’ll see that the PFD_STEREO flag in the dwFlags field is not set.
What you have is the stereo add-on driver which automatically “stereofies” monoscopic applications behind their back.

By the way, by using glColorMask(GL_TRUE,GL_FALSE,GL_FALSE,GL_TRUE); for left and glColorMask(GL_FALSE,GL_TRUE,GL_TRUE,GL_TRUE); for right rendering, you can easily do anaglyph red-cyan rendering without any special hardware nor driver hack.


Don’t forget to convert everything to greyscales
with the usual formula
grey = red * 0.3 + green * 0.59 + blue * 0.11;
or things rendered in purely masked colors on either eye will be invisible.

Well, Relic, first I thought greyscale was the only way to go. But you can get pretty good ‘colored’ results, provided you avoid the stronger red or cyan colors.

The best colors are in the yellow to purple range.