first person shooter with mouse look...

i have set up my first person camera all perfect with the mouse but whenever mouse_x is 1024 (im running at 1024x768) or 0 you cant turn on the x axis anymore… and same with mouse_y (execpt 768 and not 1024), is there a way to make no limit to the mouse coords?

ps. im useing the nehe code for mouse movment:

mouse_x = LOWORD(lParam);
mouse_y = HIWORD(lParam);

I think the idea would be to reset the mouse position to the center of the window regularly (each time you poll it) and just measure the delta position each time yuo get a motion event.

This will require a windows system call, and isn’t really related to OpenGL.

Excuse me, I don’t understand.
What are you doing?

Where’s the problem?
Is it a concidence those values are the same of resoultion? Are you trying to estabilish some relationship between the mouse movement and the resolution?
I don’t know the code you are using but this problem looks strange to me.

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i got it now, i just centered the mouse after every ever frame