first person point of view on walking bubblehead

Hi. Some friends and I are working on a simulation of a walking bubblehead (exactly is an Aibo robot). the main idea of it is to know its behavior while you tell it to do one task. By now we have ready the panoramic view which is controled by the keyboard. But we are trying also to create the first person point of view of it, by now we’ve managed to get the camera to move (translation) with the head of the Aibo (the place where the camera should be) but we can’t get the rotations working when the Aibo “looks around” (up, down, left, right, roll)
With the translation we are using the glTranslatef (command)with the information we have for the position of the head in world coordinates, and for the rotation we are trying to use a 16x16 matrix and the glRotationf command…

Does anyone know what we are doing wrong?

Question 2:
Can you make two simultaneus views of the same object? once we get the fp view we’ll try to get both view at once so we can check if everything works fine with the enviroment and all those things…

Thanks in advance