Fire animation modelling

I want to learn advance fire animation.Using random particles didnt
give realistic fire effect.Is there anybody
here who try to learn realistic fire animation? Please give me a starting point.

Originally posted by Soulreaver:
Using random particles didnt
give realistic fire effect.

Well, I’ve made a fire effect with particles and it looks really nice. Meaby you should add some texture to your particles, mix some colors. Try to experiment a bit.


Borrow your friend’s digital video camera, film your neighbour’s fireplace a while and map the video (as a 2d texture, after some postprocessing) on some billboards with additive blending. Very realistic.

At least go stare the flames for a while to remind you on what they look like. Fire doesn’t look like slowly rising red-yellow plasma like it does in so many games…

As for particle movement, shooting them them away from the origin point in random directions and applying one force upwards and another that pulls them always towards a vertical line going through the origin point should make a somewhat credible animation.


Hugo Elias made a really nice 2D animation of fire. Check it out here: (bottom of the page). I just wonder how you can do that in 3D in a nice way. You can probably do it with a particle system and a 3D “flow lattice” that controls the movement of the particles.

Hint: after looking at our fireplace, I realize that fire flames move much faster in real life than in any simulation I have ever seen on computers (including the one by Hugo Elias). This error in simulation may be a simple result of the fact that you can’t make iteration steps too large, or the simulation will look wrong and become instable. You may have to iterate several steps per frame in order to get the right speed of the fire animation.

Thanks Marcus256.
Above link is look really nice.That may be may entering point.

I forgot, the main discussion and source etc is located here:

I really like the work of Hugo Elias. He has some excellent information at his web page, including things like the best description of radiosity rendering that I have ever read, talk about the exposure effect, string/cloth/gel simulations, cloud generation, etc… The pages are a bit old, but still very informative and current.