find OpenGL latest support to ATI Rage Mobility - M1 w/8Mb

Pls help!!!
I have Sony Vaio notebook uses the very common 3D chipset as captioned, but that is not support 100% for various OpenGL games, so I cannot play the games successfully at all. Although I tried the GLsetup from here, the found driver is not matched upto the chipset but to lower version. I worry that will downgrade the 3D support (already low!), so I am afraid of trying this.
Found Compag notebook has OpenGL support in Window ME. The card driver provide detailed OpenGL selection option, That’s wonderful! Why not available in all ATI cards? As I have really little knowledge on OpenGL, I think a suitable ATI/OpenGL driver should show me the page of the option selection under the 3D card page.
Hope any professional can help me out for this desparated situation! Great thanks

Your chipset does (kind of) support opengl but you need to be in 16bpp mode to get acceleration and be warned things may go badly from now on. I’m sorry to say ATI’s Rage Mobility is a miserable 3d implementation, 3d on laptops isn’t much good yet.

I’ve got an ACER 737 w/ATI RAGE MOBILITY.
Running WIN ME drivers you can choose between different OpenGL performance settings but … there no HW OpenGL acceleration at all!
Mounting old WIN98 video drivers I got 16-bit HW OpenGL acc but a lot of bugs too …