Final Fantasy Clone

I need help with creating a game-engine like the one in Final Fantasy 7-9.
Anyone? please contact me:

I would like to help. What do you nned done?

A lot!
I’m not realy good at programming.
(Have only been doing it for 3 years:-)
So what I need is people who knew OpenGL, to help me with creating a game-engine like the one in Final Fantasy, bitmaped background, 3D world infront of the background, you probably knew what I’m talking about.
My part of the project is to create the characters the story and stuff like that.
I’m REALY good at that PART! :slight_smile:

Do you use ICQ? My # is: 105544847. I am on usually from 3:00pm to 6:00pm and then from 10:30pm to 1:00am Mountain Time in the United States. Get on sometime and lets talk specifics about this thing. About what you need me to do, what you can do, etc. Also, I have friends who would probably also like to help but they don’t have the internet. Would you also like their help?

I will have access to the Internet in 6 months, so I’ll have to use the internet in school. And ICQ don’t like the fu…ing firewall we are using here! :frowning:
Sweden is GMT + 1 hour.
And the friends of yours they are all welcome to help if they like.

Everyone who wants to participate in this major project, mail me a reply with your personal profile:
Age, gender, interest, and speciafication on every thing that you bring into this project.
Flexible people is always great people to work with.

This was only posted to bring this stuff back at the top :slight_smile:

Out of topic but i’m angry …
Talking about RPGs :
Those dumba**es at EA have STOPPED Ultima Online 2 : Origin developpement !
The game is CANCELED after over two years development, and they have simply fired the crew.
A good example of our “money is everything” society…
Sad !

We’ll I have one comment. The engine should load a bitmap background, and whatever poly’s that you want visible. But then for making things tangable you could use either an invisible heightmap that the player made of poly’s can walk on. Or use a few invisible poly’s to walk on instead. Just some ideas.

I was kind of shocked they cancelled UO2 as well. I can kind of see their point about trying to put more into their UO community but still…

On another side note, I’m looking forward to the release of the V12 engine. (The one that Tribes 2 is using.) We are planning to get that. I love the idea of doing my own engine from scratch for a game, but at the same time, it is a lot of work that I don’t have time for at the moment. (Also a lot more than one person can get done without taking years to do it.)

You know, this sort of thing probably more properly belongs on SourceForge . You’ll probably have greater success in finding help too.