filling polygons


is there any need to use scan line algorithm to fill irregular polygons??
if so,can anybody guide me?
i will be greatfull if anybody give the example source code!!


OpenGL fills the primitives you render automatically (if you are in the FILL mode and are not drawing stuff like lines or points). I am not sure what you mean by “irregular” polygons, but I take, you refer to non-convex polygons. In this case I have to point out that GL does not render such polygons at all — you will have to convert them to triangles first.

I have some vertices,linecolors and fillcolors for each vertex and they may be more than one vertex array which can construct a car image!! i want to use opengl to render these points.but i dont know what primitives have to be used in opengl.
i simply using glBegin(GL_POLYGON) ,glColor3f(fillcolor)and passing all vertices in a array then glEND()… repeating same process till all arrays passed as i treat each array as a polygon with filling colors.

all colors are not same.and line colors also can i render these vertices in opengl.

am i going in right way??

please guide me to do this.