FIle loader

What is a good fileformat i can use in OpenGL, specially one that will contain the animation that i did with 3ds max.

Best would one that someone else had already written for me
Im not advanced yet to write myself a laoder

>specially one that will contain the
>animation that i did with 3ds max

…use a 3ds file loader…

wow i didnt know 3ds contained animation data from 3ds max scene :eek:

I will look into that, anyone know where i can find a 3dsloader with the animation functions in it. I have a 3ds loader but it doesnt contain any functions to do the animations

You can get it from but only on CD.

I have dowbloaded a “3DS Model Import Code” from them, but its for D3D

Damn i see the verions i need but like you said its on cd

I did a search here on the forums and i found TONS of topics about. After 30mins of digging i found a link (lib3ds download | this lib reads all data within the 3ds fileformat. Just what i was looking for

3DS File Format sucks for Animation Data. Try to write your own Plugin or if you don’t have the Time to do that, simply use this one :

Hope it helps. You can write your custom fileformat with this plugin and it should export all data you need.


Hey sounds great… my own fileformat
Just what i need i dont want my models to wonder through the internet.