Few questions..


I am fairly new to Game Development, I started about week ago to be more specific. The reason why I chose Game Programming over other things (I have experience in other fields, so I’m not totally a newbie) is mainly because I always wanted to make my own games, I never really had time to play them nor I ever really had that feeling when I’m playing them as I have when I’m actually making my own.

Anyway, I have few questions related to some very basic stuff and I’m expecting someone with the experience to guide my in right direction. I want to know, what is the best way to learn LWJGL library, is there any kind of e-book or book that I can purchase. What would you recommend me to do first, because I like reading book more over reading tutorials, but I’m okay with tutorials too! So, can you please explain (in few sentences) what should I do as a beginner game developer, I am really fast learner and I’m good at Mathematics, so it’s not really big of a problem to advance quickly (Not expecting to be expert in 2 months, but at least to know how to make some very basic 2d games at least). Also, can you please tell me when should I move to 3d. Also can you give me few links to some good tutorials, articles or any kind of discussion related to this topic.

Well that’s pretty much it.

Thanks and have a nice day!