FBO Bug ? (fragment discarded)

FBO purely discard fragment shaders under some conditions… download this test:
And read “FBO BUG README.txt” inside the zip… the problem comes from the shader file “frontfrag.txt”.

Any tip ? What’s happening ?

This bug is happening with all the latest Nvidia drivers I’ve tested (76.44,76.50,76.91) and my graphic card is a geforce fx 5200

Tip: Add glGetError calls!
The program throws multiple errors due to glUniform called while no program is current and as a consequence all texture samplers point to unit 0 and throw some more errors.

Man I love you !
You’re right my uniform calls were placed before programs were actually selected, forgot this could be a problem. Now everything works as planned.
But tell me, how have you detected theses calls ?

GLIntercept perhaps? :smiley:

Wow, just discovered that GLIntercept, powerful !