Can you use a PBO to be a target for a FBO? Meaning I have a depth texture and a few color textures I have setup with a couple FBO’s. Now would making a texture for them using a PBO and calling that PBO texture object when I call my FBO for rendering work? Would it be faster? Thanks

I don’t believe it would be faster, but you can surely do that. PBO just gives you asynchronous texture transfer, it is not “faster” then usual textures.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do, but you cannot directly attach a PBO to an FBO attachment point they you can with RBOs or textures (at least not currently). You can do a ReadPixels to the PBO then TexSubImage2D from the PBO, but I can’t see that being faster than rendering directly to the texture unless you need to do a format conversion along the way.

There is a general misconception about the meanings of these “BO” extensions.

Mind the position of the dash in the following expressions:



VBO and PBO belong to one group, FBOs are something completely different!

I understand that these are three different things and PBO are closely related to VBOs. But I was just wondering if speed would be increased due to PBO are supposed to be fast, and am not sure if FBO speed transfers were the same as PBO in theory…