FBO and 3D texture

Has anyone gotten the fbo to work with a 3D texture, I keep getting a black screen (seems that nothing is writing to the buffer).

When setting up the render target using FramebuferTexture3DEXT the zoffset specifies a single slice, so if i render it to offset 0, and then use TexCoord3d(0,0,0)… on the cube I should get that slice back correct?

Anybody have any ideas, am I totally off track?

Rendering to a 3D texture is not yet supported by the current FBO implementation.

Hi, thanks for the reply

On the same topic is rendering to multiple frame buffers supported yet? i.e they have an example in the usage section of the spec of how to generate mip maps by means of an array of frame buffers.


nevermind I think i got it to work now.

Just an OT question:

Which card/driver combination are you using to get FBO:s to work? I have an geforce 6600 and I’ve tried several different drivers without luck…

EDIT: I had the dual screen problem… never mind… =)