FBO: access violation read location 0x00000000

Hi everybody!
Let me explain to you my issue:

I try to use framebuffer and when my program execute ‘glgenframebuffers’ that crash with the exception “access violation read location 0x00000000”.
That mean that glgenframebuffers didn’t have an adress when it try to execute this instruction.

GLuint fbo;
glgenframebuffers(1, &fbo);

Have you got an idea? 


Maybe you do not have glgenframebuffers function at all.
Check your drivers.

What platform? What card?

ooohYeah, you need to get the function address at runtime from the ICD.
Look at paragraph 23.070 here:

And use glgenframebuffersEXT instead.

There are also glew and glee that can do this job for you:

Oh excuse me, that is right I didn’t give information.
I use a 'custom’glew that implement glgenframebuffers.

glGenFramebuffers = (pfn_glGenFramebuffers)get_proc_address("glGenFramebuffersEXT");

I check with glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS), and I support GL_EXT_Framebuffer_object.

Platform: WIN32

I will have a look on what you gave me.

Thanks guys