FastVox - state of the art?

Hi all,

I wonder if the “FastVox” volume rendering implementation is really “state of the art”. What do you think of the demos that can be downloaded at their website? And how do they compare to other commercially available implementations?

FastVox news

download page at the firm’s website

Um, no, i don’t think so, allthough i didn’t download the demo you can tell a lot from the big head on the main page.

It looks like a basic marching cubes algorithm (or something similar to that) with some cliping and two image planes to display the brainy stuff.
It’s pretty basic stuff.
Though i can’t tell anything about all the other surrounding software.

There are other good volume rendering apps. I searched a bit for medical volume renderers and found quite a lot of firms e.g.

Which one do you consider “state of the art” at the moment?

They all pretty much use the same methods, some like the fovia one has a higher quality rendering, but i doupt that it can do it at real time on normal hardware.
The thing is that

  1. some of these softwares run on specialized ultra omg hardware.
  2. most of the “state of the art” stuff is in identifying and separating the different materials from the raw data