Fastest method for colored points

I’m trying to determine which method would be the fastest way to display a list of points whose color can possibly change for every point. The list of points is dynamic and can potentially be as large as a million points (or even more).

It looks like Vertex Array may be the way to go, but wanted to get your input before implementing this display method.

Thanks in advance for your help.


As you suggest Vertex Array might be a good idea since you’d safe the cost of calling glVertex…() thousands of times. :slight_smile:

if you can easily sort your points by color it can be a big win (you will not have to store and update a “one million color” array and you will be able to send your points in batches of constant color).

Thanks for the replies thus far. BTW, I was indeed going to sort the colors so as to not incur the overhead of changing the color state for every single point. However, in the worse case scenario, every color could indeed be different.